"Arimar, the right choice"

"Big enough to do the job, Small to do it better"


Run by an efficient and dynamic management team, for more than 35 years Arimar has been moving day by day significant volumes of goods to all main destinations through the world, by air, sea and road.

Our centre of operations is located in Scandicci, near Florence. From there we coordinate shipping operations with our third party operators nationwide, handling warehousing facilities in Florence, Livorno and Milan.
But Arimars's presence extends beyond the borders of Italy, into the rest of Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, South Africa, Middle and Far East. By coordinating the services of various sea, air and trucking lines, we are able to arrange for the door-to-door movement of goods for our various clients to virtually any destinations.


Our Information Technology works
to make your job easier

• Track & Trace • P.O. Management • E-Booking • EDI-Electronic Data Interchange • WMS – Warehouse Management System • Customized Reports • Booking Agent


Our domestic and global networks
provide a full range of logistic and warehousing solutions.

• Inbound/Outbound logistics integration • Customized Solutions • Stock/Inventory Reports • Indoor Distribution t

"Arimar, the right choice"